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Location: 48 Prince Street

Artist: Jordan Bennett

Background:  Funded by Arts NS for the 2016 Lumiere Art at Night Festival, this mural located on the side of the former Crowell's building was artist Jordan Bennett's first mural. Bennett is a multi-disciplinary artist from Newfoundland, whose work revolves around his proud aboriginal heritage, bringing traditional Beothuk and Mi'kmaq art into contemporary discourse. The beautiful abstract piece was based on quillwork from Unama'ki.

Location: 270 Charlotte Street

Artist: Allan Ryan

Background:  The underwater themed mural located at 270 Charlotte Street is one that can't be missed! It was commissioned by SDDA as part of the 2017 Summer Street Festival, and completed by well known Toronto-based muralist Allen Ryan, of North Sydney. The theme was selected as it connects to the fact that Downtown Sydney is located on our beautiful waterfront. The artist's family also has a history of scuba diving!

Location: approx. 283 Charlotte Street

Artist: Allan Ryan

Background:  This mural features characters from the original casts of two Highland Arts Theatre original musicals, The Return of the Cape Breton Liberation Army (2017) and Heart of Steel (2015). The image that inspired the CBLA General was created by Paul MacKinnon and was based on a photograph taken by Jess Hardy of local actor Frank McKibbon. The photo used for reference for Heart of Steel was by Chris Walzak. The actors that inspired the likenesses are Margaret MacPherson, Kristen Woodford, Maureen MacAdam, and Hilary Scott (Heart of Steel) and Frank McKibbon as the CBLA General.

Location: 300 George Street

Artist: Isaac Gould

Background:  This funky lady was created by one of SDDA's 2019 summer students, Isaac. Located on the side of Revive Hair Studio and Spa Inc., Isaac collaborated with the business owner to create a piece of art that would enhance the Downtown experience and culture, and compliment the hair studio. 

Location: 75 Prince Street

Artist: Loretta Gould & Pete Steele

Background:  This beautiful mural is located on Prince Street, and is a product of the Downtown Sydney Regeneration Project. It's themed around Etuaptmumk, a word that means "two eyed seeing" in the Mi'kmaq language. The mural stresses the understanding and learning from two perspectives - from the non- Indigenous and the Indigenous.

wakowski brothers mural.jpeg

Location: 46 Bentinck Street

Artist: Kayla Cormier

Background: Located on the side of the Highland Arts Theatre, each character(s) each mural immortalizes some of the more iconic characters and actors/actresses from past shows at the theatre. 

Location: 312 Esplanade

Artist: Isaac Gould

Background: This mural is on the side of the former Vogue Optical building, which allows you to see Cape Breton Island from the eyes of the artist. 

Location: 154 Bentinck Street

Artist: Peter Steele

Background: This fisherman mural is one of Sydney's newest murals and was a part of Sydney Downtown Development Association's Project Makeover: Downtown Sydney 2022/2023 grant program. The artist worked with the property owner to create a piece of art that not only is reflective of the business's offerings, but also adds to the downtown experience and speaks to the island's culture.

SYDNEY sign.jpg

Location: Sydney Boardwalk

Background: The giant block letters down on the beautiful boardwalk spells SYDNEY with pride!

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