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361 Charlotte St, Sydney, NS B1P 1E1


Personal Training / Strength and Conditioning - 1 on 1 sessions @ $45 // group sessions @ $12


At SFS you will have a Certified Personal Trainer or Strength and Conditioning Specialist work with you to create a workout program specifically tailored to your individual needs. Our exclusive facility is dedicated to one-on-one and small group training which makes the experience truly unique. With a personal trainer or strength coach, you will receive intensive on-going instruction and encouragement during your session.


Our trainers and coaches are all Internationally certified and have the knowledge and skills to improvise your workouts and take your fitness to whole new levels. We follow a systematic approach to program design that produces athletic performance enhancement, positive body composition changes, overall wellness, improved posture and injury reduction.


Our entire clientele is trained with similar techniques but individualized with progressions or regressions for personal goals and ability. Our programs usually include a combination of exercise components such as safe weight training for strength/power, joint/muscle mobility drills, muscle activation techniques, conditioning work, and functional training.

Athlete or non-athlete, our goal is to make you feel like one, look like one, and perform like one!



(902) 537-1053



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